Timber Frame Home solutions offer high quality, balanced with speed of construction as recognised by TRADA and the Timber Frame Association. So whether you're an individual looking to build a new home, extend your existing home, or represent an organisation seeking to improve your housing, Baltic Home's Timber Frame houses could be the solution you are looking for.

Using a system of manufactured timber frame panels, these homes are quick to assemble on site, even where access is difficult, and are very robust structures. The timber frame panels are manufactured to include layers of insulation and fire prevention materials. This same method of construction can also be used to build extensions to an existing house, even if the original house is brick!

Once the home (or extension) is assembled, it will feel no different from a traditional brick construction, and can be rendered or clad, in a range of finishes so it will blend into any environment. Internally, the home can be decorated in exactly the same way as a traditional brick house.

We can also build bespoke timber frame homes to meet customers own specifications (as long as they meet current building regulations of course)! The price of a bespoke house, or extension, depends on the size of the structure and specification required and whether you require structure only, or a full ‘turn-key’ option. Our building solutions are attractive and adaptable to almost any environment.

Timber Frame homes have all the benefits of a brick-built home, but at much lower cost and our extensions can be an alternative way of creating the home you want, without having to move!
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Anne Exterior

Anne Plan


Christie Garret Floor Plan

Christie Ground Floor Plan


Daisy Garret Floor Plan

Daisy Ground Floor Plan

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